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Short Sales
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Mortgage Modifications

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Ask us about the new bank programs where they pay you up to $33,000!
Sounds too good to be true, but we are doing these every day!
Free consult with a top attorney if needed!
We will have a cash offer on your house within 24 hrs if needed.
Waiver of taxes!
No cost to you for our services.

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American Properties Group LLC handles all types of short sales throughout the U.S.
We have cash investors that will write contracts on your properties that you owe more than it is worth! We handle deals from $5000 to $500 Million. We have buyers in all categories including residential homes, multi family homes, and all types of commercial properties.
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Homeowners in trouble

There are a LOT of people with mortgage problems these days! Are you behind in payments or about to be? We can help! We offer mortgage modifications if you want to stay in your home. If you want to move on, we can sell your home fast for market value, regardless of what you owe! Several bank and federal programs can allow for up to $40,000 cash back to you!! Call or email us today!

Realtors with tough deals

As a Realtor, are you finding yourself with clients that cannot sell their homes? Are they headed towards foreclosure? We can help! We can list the home with one of our local Realtors, negotiate with our contacts at the bank to sell it at what the market will allow, and pay you! We have several ways that you can make MORE than you are today! You look great to your client, and you didn't have to deal with a very tough situation!
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Commercial Short Sales

We handle all types of real estate. We buy and sell commercial short sale deals. Including condo buildings, multi family, retail, health care, office buildings, hotels, etc. Please contact us with your commercial problems!



We are based in Naples, FL and handle ALL of Florida and some other local markets with local Realtors!



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